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Specialist Insulation Supplies

Specialist Insulation Supplies

Is an independent insulation distributor that has been trading since 1962 and is well established in the supply of leading brand products into the HVAC market, Specialist Insulation Supplies offer a full range of products for insulating pipes & ducts, and this is backed up with a first class service that offers our customers a prompt and efficient right first time delivery service. We are conveniently located in Takeley, which is just behind Stansted Airport, so this gives us fantastic access to London & the South East.

Within Our stock profile

Specialist Insulation Supplies keep a wide range of Armaflex Pipe Insulation, and also keep the Armaflex sheet in stock. We also offer a range of acoustic insulation products for pipework & ductwork and keep Muftilag acoustic insulation within the stock range. SIS also stock Paroc rock fibre insulation products, this range of products include HVAC pipe insulation and Icerock Ductwrap. We also keep a wide range of Isover Glass Fibre Pipe Insulation in stock.

Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation

Specialist Insulation Supplies are major stockists of Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation which is available in selection of finishes such as bright class O foil, Matt black foil or Vapor-Fas covered, Supaphen is BREEAM Green Guide approved and has an A+ rating, the product is also Fire & Smoke safe, and has been tested to the European fire test standard EN13823. Phenolic Foam is a very efficient way of insulating both pipes & ducts and as it is a great insulant you are able to reduce the thickness of the insulation when compared to traditional products.


Kingspan Duct Insulation

Kingspan Therma™ Duct Insulation is a high performance thermal insulation designed for use on rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork in HVAC / building services applications. It can be
used to insulate ductwork and associated equipment outdoors,operating within the temperature range of –20°C to +80°C.

A few years ago we moved into our purpose built unit in Takeley which allows us to offer a one-stop shop for your insulation requirements in the HVAC market, the move into the new premises is an exciting development in the growth and progression of SIS. This new unit has allowed us to expand our product range and bring new products in to service the HVAC industry, we also have an area dedicated to customer collections which means that orders can be picked and will be ready for the customer when they come in to collect.

SIS have a sister business, Structural Insulation Products that specialises in the supply of underfloor heating but also offers a range of structural insulation products, for more details please click on the link on the underfloor heating product page to visit their website.

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