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Acoustic Insulation

Posted July 7, 2016

Acoustic Insulation

Are you tired of waking up to your neighbours talking and laughing in the next apartment? Or hearing an annoying creak with every step that your upstairs neighbour takes? We live in a noisy world and unfortunately it is now a part of everyday life. If you live in an apartment building, have a large family or live in the middle of the city, it can be so noisy that it is hard to think, not to mention get work done. If this sounds familiar, it is time for you to look into acoustic insulation.
Acoustic insulation is unheard of in some areas and well-known in others. If you are transforming your garage into a space for your teenager to practice the drums or would simply like a quiet place to relax, acoustic insulation is what you need. Acoustic insulation acts as a sound barrier in between walls, making it great for keeping the noise inside the same room it’s happening in. Whereas this insulation will not completely soundproof a room, it will definitely reduce the noise enough to not give you a migraine!
Acoustic insulation can be used for a variety of things, not just to drown out the noise of your son banging away on his new drums. People that work at home often insulate their office or work area to prevent distractions and increase productivity. Houses that are relatively noisy can benefit from insulating one or two rooms to provide a quiet area for children to read or do homework. Apartment building owners can help keep residents happy by soundproofing floors and adjoining walls.
Noisy pipes and ducts can be more than just a distraction; they can be downright annoying. Generally the pipes are not insulated with acoustic insulation, and other times you are simply living in a house or apartment with noisy pipes. Affordable acoustic insulation is offered for every area of your home, including the pipes. If your tenants complain of noisy pipes, you could make them happier by having some of our Muftilag acoustic insulation retro-fitted to the existing soil pipes. If you are tired of hearing the noise while you are sitting in your living room, acoustic insulation for pipes is your key to finally being able to enjoy your favorite film.

Muftilag Acoustic Insulation

Our innovative acoustic insulation remains unrivaled in quality and performance. The latest technology has been used to create an acoustic insulation that will drastically reduce the noise created within the soil pipes and that is not all Muftilag acoustic insulation will not sustain vermin, is odourless and is rot proof. You can purchase Muftilag acoustic insulation from SIS and be rest assured that you are getting high quality acoustic insulation that is both fit for purpose and also affordable.
If the noise in your life is starting to take over your day, give you headaches or is just simply too distracting, pick the phone up and give us a call and one of our experts will provide you with the best soundproofing and insulation advice. After that, we can help you find the perfect products to reduce the noise in your home or office. Our customer service is exceptional, delivery is prompt, and picking up your products can be done quickly and easily. Contact us or browse through our products today to find the right product to get the job done.

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