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Duct Insulation

Specialist Insulation Supplies are stockists of brand leading products for the HVAC duct insulation industry, we offer a next day delivery to Essex, London and right across the south east of the country, this is done by utilising our own fleet of vehicles which are driven by our experienced drivers, to ensure that the deliveries are made on time, and right first time.

Our most popular line of ductwrap insulation is Icerock Ductwrap, this is the premium product for flexible duct insulation, it is a first quality product that is the installers first choice ductwrap. It offers a consistent thickness & density (typically 45kg/m3) that makes the installation user friendly, and provides a uniform performance and appearance when installed. It is manufactured from stone wool fibre which provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties and has a reinforced aluminium foil facing on one side. SIS keep a very good stock of this product and keep it in 25mm, 40mm & 50mm thick. For more information on Icerock Ductwrap, please download the data sheet from our downloads page:

SIS Insulation also stock the Paroc HVAC Alucoat Mat, which is a 45kg/m3 stone wool ductwrap that has a reinforced foil faced one side, and is available in 30mm, 40mm & 50mm thicknesses. As you would expect with the Paroc name, this product is a high quality ductwrap, and is ideal for the thermal insulation of both circular and rectangular ventilation ducts. The full technical data for this product is available from our downloads page:

We also keep a range of mineral wool (glass) ductwrap from Isover, these are lightweight, high quality ductwraps that offer a high level of flexibility without affecting the performance of the product, and due to it being lightweight Isover are able to put more material on a roll, and this proves to be popular with the installers as this means that there are less rolls that need to carried around the site. We stock these in varying thicknesses ranging from 25mm up to 50mm thick. Further information is available from the Isover website so please click on this link to view the datasheet:

Within the stock range, we also keep Kingspan Therma™ Duct Insulation which is a high performance thermal insulation designed for use on rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork in HVAC / building services applications. It can be used to insulate ductwork and associated equipment outdoors, operating within the temperature range of – 20°C to + 80°C. The benefit of using Kingspan Therma™ Duct boards is that these are a rigid board, that is easy to cut, and will provide excellent thermal insulation, whilst giving a good solid base for the external protective cladding, be it Proclad or PIB. For details of Kingspan Therma™ Duct Insulation visit Therma Duct Insulation | Kingspan GB for the most up to date information.

Specialist Insulation Supplies are also stockists of Supercel Phenolic Insulation board, which is a rigid phenolic foam insulation board that is suitable for the providing thermal insulation to internal ventilation ducts, and is available in 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 50mm thicknesses. (Not all thicknesses are standard stock sizes.)


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