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Insulation Jacketing

Specialist Insulation Supplies are major stockists of ProClad 150 insulation jacketing which is an innovative insulation protective covering.

In addition to exceeding most building code requirements, ProClad insulation jacketing can be installed quickly and easily on pipe or duct board with no special tools required which can deliver significant time, labour and cost savings, and can be installed in wet/humid conditions, and at extremes of temperature (-30C to +130C). ProClad jacketing is a high performing, best value insulation jacketing product on the market today. ProClad is a self adhesive multi-ply laminate that can be used for both internal & external use and is available in the following colours/finishes:

* Smooth Silver (Clear Membrane)

* White

* Black

* Silver Embossed (Stucco effect)

* Grey – NEW COLOUR!

Specialist Insulation Supplies keep a full range of ProClad products and not only stock the 600mm rolls we also keep a full range of 2-3 ply and 5-6 ply tapes to accompany the rolls. The 6 ply jacketing is used to wrap around the insulated pipework or ductwork, and whereas it’s primary purpose is to provide a water and weatherproof jacketing it also assists in the fixing of the insulation to the pipe due to the self-adhesive backing on the ProClad. The rolls of tape are used for sealing joints, the 6 ply tapes are used to seal longitudinal seams and the thinner 2-3 ply tapes are used on the trickier areas such as elbows and bends.

for more information on ProClad 150, please have a look at the product data sheet on our page, and there is also a useful video on the Protech range of products to watch here:

We are also stockists of Isogenopak rigid PVC insulation jacketing, that is used for jacketing insulated pipes. Isogenopak is self-extinguishing and has resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oil, petrol and corrosive atmospheres. It is also virtually impermeable to water vapour. Isogenopak jacketing is used heavily in areas where containment of any fibres or dust from the insulation is imperative, such as schools, kitchens and hospitals.

As well as the rolls of Isogenopak sheeting, SIS also stock a wide range of S & W bends, T Pieces, Tape and ancillary products to assist in a clean and dry installation.

For more information on Isogenopak, then please take a look at the data sheet on our downloads page:

Here at Specialist Insulation Supplies we also keep Plysolene Polyisobutylene (PIB) Insulation Jacketing in stock too. PIB is supplied in rolls and is then cut to size on site, to suit the particular pipe size that it is covering, the product is easily cut and is simple to install. The PIB should be wrapped around the insulated pipe allowing for end-laps of 80mm and 50mm side-laps underneath the insulated pipe.

The overlaps are solvent welded to provide a solid welded bond, and Plysolene Welding Agent E should be used for this (other products can be used but Plysolene only recommend using Welding Agent E). The Welding Agent should be applied using a circular scrubbing motion to both surfaces until they become tacky, being careful not to apply too much Welding Agent as this could impair the performance of the PIB, and then the two surfaces should be pressed together.

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