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Pipe Insulation

Specialist Insulation Supplies are stockists of brand leading pipe insulation products.

We stock a full range of Paroc Alucoat stone fibre pipe insulation, the Paroc brand is world renowned for quality and offers a top quality product at a competitive price, it comes in a full range of pipe sizes and thicknesses. The Alucoat pipe section is covered in a reinforced bright class O foil, and a self-adhesive lap to ensure easy & quick application. Paroc Alucoat Pipe Section has a maximum service temperature of 250 deg.C so is ideal for use on heating systems. If you require further details please go to our downloads page where you can access a copy of the data sheet:

Paroc offer a full range of insulation products for the HVAC market, and more information can be found on their website:

We are also stockists of Rockwool Rocklap H&V Pipe Insulation, Rockwool Rocklap is a pre-formed section manufactured from stone wool, and is pre-slit for ease of application, and comes with a factory applied foil facing that has and integral self-adhesive lap, for fast and easy installation. There are more details of this product on our download page, where you can download a data sheet for this product:

For mineral wool (glass) pipe insulation we keep a wide range of Isover H&V pipe insulation, again this is a brand leading product that is well established and respected within the HVAC insulation industry. There are various benefits offered by the Isover Climpipe Section, and these are that they are supplied in a 1.2m length, they have a factory applied foil finish which includes an integral self-adhesive lap, and also the density of Glass fibre pipe insulation is traditionally lighter than Rock fibre which makes it easier to handle where the density of the product is not an issue. If you require further information on this product you can download a data sheet from our downloads page:

As for phenolic foam pipe insulation, we keep an extensive range of pipe sizes & thicknesses of Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation, Supaphen is a highly thermal efficient product that is fabricated in the UK by MW Insulation and is backed up with years of technical experience. It is primarily used for insulating chilled, cold, hot and heating pipe work, and is manufactured from 40kg/m3 block and is impregnated with a passivating silicate solution and the inner bore of the Supaphen pipe section is then treated with a factory applied dust suppressing passivating bore coating solution. Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation is also listed in the Greenbooklive and has achieved an A+ rating. Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation is fire and smoke safe, and is tested to EN13501-1, and achieves a rating of BL -s1,dO. For more technical information please see the data sheet in our download page, this data sheet also includes a handy thickness guide table:

SIS are also stockists of Kingspan Kooltherm® Pipe Insulation which is available in a range of thickness to suit different performance specifications and may be used on mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, multiplex and plastic pipework in standard and non-standard pipe diameters. With a 25 year aged thermal conductivity as low as 0.025 W/mK (at 10°C mean), Kooltherm® Pipe Insulation is one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials commonly used. A low thermal conductivity allows specified thermal performance standard to be achieved with thinner insulation. For details of Kingspan Kooltherm® Pipe Insulation visit Kooltherm Pipe Insulation | Kingspan GB for the most up to date information.

SIS are stockists of Armaflex and K-Flex nitrile rubber pipe & sheet insulation, these are Class O flexible rubber pipe sections / sheets that are primarily used for the refridgeration & chilled water services, heating & plumbing services, and also for ventilation & air conditioning services. K-Flex is a closed cell elastomeric rubber that is excellent for reducing the risk of condensation, whilst still being light and flexible. K-Flex ST/SK is supplied in 2 mtr lengths and is supplied with self-seal tape to make it easier and quicker to install, for more information, please check out the data sheet on our downloads page:


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