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Fire Protection Insulation

Specialist Insulation Supplies offer a wide range of fire rated insulation products for both pipes & ducts.

SIS stock and supply Isover U Protect slabs that provide a lightweight solution to providing fire protection to ducts, it is a product that due to its weight (up to 73% lighter than traditional stone wall products) & that it only requires adhesive at penetrations through a wall can offer a very competitive alternative to traditional fire rated duct insulation products. Using this innovative product on ventilation & smoke ductwork you can achieve up to 120 minute’s fire resistance, and this can be achieved using the U Protect product that has a distinctive black aluminium foil facing. Isover have updated and rebranded the product and as a result the product is now supplied with a black foil facing which allows for easy on-site identification. Click here to view an illustrative installation video on this game changing product

Specialist Insulation Supplies are now stockists of Rockwool Fire Protection products, and now have stock of Rockwool Fire Duct slab which is a high density stone wool insulation slab, which is covered in an aluminium foil face, and is suitable for rectangular ducts and is certified to BS476-24 (duct types A and B). There is a choice of fixing options with this product and can achieve up to 2 hours of fire protection.

We are also stocking the NEW Rockwool DuctRock Slab which can achieve up to 120 minutes fire protection on ventilation & smoke ducts, this product is covered in Black Aluminium Foil facing to achieve a high surface emissivity, Rockwool DuctRock is tested to EN1366 Part 1 (ventilation ducts) & Part 8 (smoke extraction ducts). Click on this link to download a data sheet from our downloads page:

Knauf Fire-teK (formerly known as Rocksilk Pyroduct) is a high density mineral wool insulation fire protection board that is faced with a Bright Class ‘O’ Foil,¬† that can offer up to a 2 hour fire rating on ductwork. Fire-teK is suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal ducts (including those that pass through walls and floors) and is also suitable for use on kitchen extract ducts. Fire-teK is supplied in easy to handle sized boards which we keep in both 45mm and 90mm thick. Fire-teK will also provide acoustic insulation when fitted to the duct and will reduce noise breakout from the ducts.

SIS also offer a range of K-Flex Fire Sleeves to protect pipes through wall penetrations.  These sleeves provide up to a 2 hour fire rating for a range of sizes to suit plastic & metal pipes and are a competitive solution to protecting pipes through wall & partition penetrations.

Specialist Insulation Supplies stock a range of Rockwool fire protection intumescent batts, intumescent mastic and fixings.

Please give us a call for product & technical information on the fire protection products.

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