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Another New Product – Bostik W110 Thermal Acoustic Wrap

Posted September 11, 2017

Bostik have introduced a new product for the acoustic insulation of plastic rainwater and soil pipes, this product is called Bostik W110 and is a self-adhesive butyl aluminium roll that can be easily cut to size and is also quick to install. The self-adhesive backing forms an instant bond around pipework and as it is lightweight so there is no need for any additional banding to support it. It can also be installed on ducting where the temperatures do not exceed 90°C.

Bostik W110  is only 4mm thick and very flexible, which means that it is easy to apply in tight applications and can be used on smaller pipes than traditional products. This innovative product is supplied in handy size rolls of 500mm x 5m which means it is easy to carry around site and takes up less storage space on site. There are no special tools required for installing this product as it can be easily cut using a pair of sharp scissors.

W110 is simple to install as it simply needs cutting to size off of the roll (allowing for a minimum 25mm overlap), the protective liner paper is then carefully peeled back so that the W110 can then attached to the pipe surface and then the liner paper is progressivley removed to allow the W110 to remain taut whilst being wrapped around the pipe. Once all of the liner paper is removed the lap should be pressed firmly to ensure that it is well adhered. Bostik then recommend that you apply T303 self-adhesive bright foil tape to seal all of the joints.

The product has been independently tested in accordance with ISO 10140-2, and can provide a weighted sound reduction of up to 30db, Bostik have achieved this by laminating the thermal acoustic layer between two layers of high performance pressure sensitive butyl, which is then finished with an aluminium face. Bostik W110 also has a Class O fire rating.

If you require more information on this great new product please give us a call or you can download the data sheet by clicking on the link below:

TDS01916 Bostik Idenden W110

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