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Insulating your pipes with pipe insulation

Posted February 23, 2016

Pipe Insulation

Properly insulating your pipes with the appropriate pipe insulation is critical in colder months to prevent a pipe from freezing, bursting and causing hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage, not to mention the costly repair of fixing the damaged pipe. Properly insulated pipes can also help to control condensation and protect individuals that may accidently touch the pipe when it reaches dangerous temperatures. When it comes to pipe insulation, make sure that you select the proper type of insulation to meet your needs.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a common type of pipe insulation for industrial pipes that may reach dangerously high temperatures or residential homes that would like to upgrade their insulation. Mineral wool insulation is less likely to catch on fire than its flammable counterparts, and provides better insulation to improve energy efficiency. This innovative form of insulation is not like older forms of insulation due to the fact that it retains shape. If you pick up an older type of insulation, it may lose its shape and sag downwards. Mineral wool, on the other hand, will not lose its shape, making it last longer. It is available in circular tubes for easy installation on pipes of various sizes.

Glass Wool

Glass wool pipe insulation is made by several different manufacturers in circular sections that are ideal for different sized pipes. Glass wool looks and feels similar to other wool types of insulation, but it is comprised of a unique combination of recycled glass and sand. Glass wool is a great selection for pipes that require thermal insulation.

Flexible Elastomeric Foam

This pieces of foam are pre-cut into a circular shape with a slit down one side, making it a piece of cake to slide this form of insulation over any pipe. This particular form of insulation is ideal if you are looking for an insulation material that is resistant to moisture.

Cellular Glass (Foamglas)

Cellular glass is not commonly heard of, but it has been around for quite a while. This unique form of insulation was originally only used in blocks for insulation, but innovative technology allows cellular glass to be used as pipe insulation as well. When it comes to pipe insulation, cellular glass far surpasses the rest in qualifications. It is fire resistant, moisture resistant and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures.

When it comes to selecting the correct pipe insulation for your needs, think about why you want to insulate a pipe. If there is one random pipe on the outside of your house that freezes every winter, any of the above types of insulation will help to prevent this. A Business that have pipes that get dangerously hot will want to consider forms of insulation that can easily withstand those temperatures. Whatever your insulation needs are, there will be a form of insulation to help you out.

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