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Insulation Materials Used in Buildings

Posted June 23, 2016

A few Insulation Materials used in buildings

When insulating a building, be it a home or in a larger structure, certain things effecting the brand and levels of insulations to use in a structure include:

* Heat Transfer capabilities

* Sensitiveness to moisture

* Strength of material

* How easy to install the insulation

* Will it last? Durable?

* How easy is it to replace when its served its lifespan?

* Cost

* Is it a risk to health, (i.e toxic?)

* Fire proof

* Effect on the environment

Considerations regarding building and climate:

* The average temperature in the geographical area the structure is found

* Purpose of the building

Sometimes a mixture of insulations can be used to get the best solution and there are certain products which bring together different styles of insulation into one product.

Spray foam is used as an insulation and is placed to its destination through a spray gun. Polyurethane and Isocyanate sprays are given as a two-component mix that comes to fruition at the top of an applicator, and creates an expanding foam.

Cemetitious foam is used in the same way but does not explode to fill gaps. Spray foam insulation is applied onto concrete blocks, into wall spaces of an uncompleted walls, against the inside side of sheathing, or through holes created in sheathing or dry wall into the wall space of a completed wall.

Natural fibre insulation made as needed with low toxic flame and insect retardants, are available outside of the UK - Natural fibre insulation can be used loose as granulats or made into flexy or part rigid lengths and rigid lengths using a bind. New or Re-cycled materials can be used to bind it all.

Some Insulations which come under this category include, cork some cottons, recycled tissues, old clothes, flax, coco, wool, lightweight wood fibre, cellulose, even seaweed, etc.

Also many plant based materials will be used as insulation such as shells, the cob of corns, some straws including the lavender straw, re-cycled wine bottle corks etc.

They do probably have less heat performance than traditional industrial insulations but can be regained with a little more insulation to ensure it is thicker. They might or might not need fire resistant’s or anti-insect or pest applications

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