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Posted February 23, 2016


Protecting your pipes with proper insulation can help to prevent corrosion, prevent injuries if pipes reach extremely high temperatures and can help prevent a pipe from bursting. After insulating pipes, additional protection may be needed, and this is where Isogenopak comes in. This innovative form of protection is manufactured from the latest PVC film, and has several characteristics that will not be found in older forms of insulation.

What is Isogenopak?

Isogenopak is an additional way to protect your pipes from things like moisture, corrosive environments and chemical spills that is comprised of a PVC film. This PVC film is used for jacketing already insulated pipes.

Isogenopak frequently is sold in one long ringlet that can be easily wrapped around pipes, making it user friendly and guaranteeing a snug fit for superior protection.

Chemical Characteristics

Isogenopak is one of the few forms of protection for your pipes that remains self-extinguishing and is resistant to various chemicals, including: acids, salts, oil and corrosive atmospheres. In short, if your pipes are located in a corrosive atmosphere, you can simply use Isogenopak to prevent your pipes from becoming damaged instead of spending hundreds of pounds altering the atmosphere. Because Isogenopak does not corrode, the harmful atmosphere will not reach through to your pipes. This also works in damp environments, as this form of protection is almost impossible for water vapor to penetrate through.

Physical Characteristics

Isogenopak has equally impressive physical characteristics. This innovative material can withstand a wide range of temperature changes, and is tear resistant.

Indoor or Outdoor

Isogenopak can withstand temperatures from -20C to 65C. As long as it falls within this temperature, use this universal product wherever you need to.


Installing Isogenopak is so simple, even a novice can do it on their own. Isogenopak comes in a roll that is one continuous curl, offering a hassle free installation. Simply unroll it as you roll it around the pipes. Local professionals also offer the installation of Isogenopak at low prices.

Insulating your pipes has become a necessity to help prevent them from freezing in colder temperatures, preventing damage and protecting the pipe. Sometimes, insulation simply is not enough. In corrosive environments, additional protection is often needed to protect the pipes. Moisture can soak through many forms of insulation and get through the pipes.

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