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Looking for Isogenopak?

Posted January 25, 2016

Are you looking for Isogenopak insulation jacketing or Isogenopak bends? If so Specialist Insulation Supplies have a wide range of  bends and fittings to go with the rolls available from stock.

Isogenopak is a special lightweight PVC film for the jacketing & protection of insulated pipes, Isogenopak is a self-extingusing product that is impermeable to water vapour, grease and oil. Even though the product is lightweight it comes with good physical properties and has a high tear resistance, and shock resistance. Isogenopak is also virtually maintenance free and will only need a wipe over with a cloth to bring it back to it's original light grey finish.

Isogenopak has good resistance to temperature changes and is stable from -20 deg C, up to + 65 deg C when used indoors.

When it comes to fitting, Isogenopak is easy to fit, as in roll form the product comes with an inherent curl which allows it to naturally form around the pipe insulation, the standard roll size is 1 metre wide by 35 metres long, so once the insulation is fitted to the pipe the recommendation is to fit the preformed bends and tee pieces first and then cut strips from the roll to fit the straight lengths of pipe, you will need to allow an extra 20-30mm over the circumference of the pipe insulation to allow the product to be overlapped. You will find that as the roll has the precurl it will cling to the insulation which will then mean that there is only a small amount of adjustment to be made to align the roll, once the Iso roll is straight the product is then fixed every 150mm along the longitudinal overlap by using the plastic "push-in" Iso rivets in conjunction with the special Iso bradawl, all of which we keep a large stock of, off the shelf at S.I.S.

So if you are looking for next day delivery on Iso roll and Iso fittings, please don't hesitate to give us a call at S.I.S.

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