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New SIS Price List

Posted March 29, 2016

The new SIS 2016 Price list is now on the website, so is available to download today, but if you would prefer a printed copy of the price list these are now back from the printers and are available to all customers, so if you would like a copy please contact us either by giving us a call or dropping your details on the contact us section of this website and we will send out a copy of the price list in the post by return.

We have added new products to the price list such as Armaflex (pre-chalked) coils for refridgeration and air conditioning, and also HT Armaflex which is for high temperature pipework and also solar heating installations. These products are in stock and available for a next-day delivery as and where required.

The range of Muftilag products has also been extended to include the new "Rockwool" range of Muftilag which now comes with a flexible heavy mass barrier mat, which makes it easier to install when installing around pipes & ducts. There is also another exciting product from TAP Acoustic which is the Muftilag SP29 which is Muftilag sheet that has been cut-to-size to fit a 110mm plastic soil pipe, and has self-adhesive laps to ease the installation of the product (as this product is generally installed in areas of confined space, the fact that it is already cut to size and has the self-adhesive laps allows the Muftilag to be wrapped around the pipe and fixed in one simple application.)

The data sheet for the Specialite slotted pipe & duct insulation is now included in the price list, and this also includes some great in-situ photos of the product which shows it with both a foil facing and also covered in various colours of VentureClad jacketing.

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