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Pipe Insulation

Posted June 23, 2016

Pipe Insulation

The different performance of various pipe insulation on any product, can be affected by many things. The main things to consider are:: * Thermal conductivity of the surface

* The resistance of water vapour

* How thick the insulation used * Overall Density

Other things, such as the amount of moisture contained and the opening of joins, can affect the general ability of any pipe insulation. Many of these things are posted in the international standard of EN ISO 23993


Pipe insulation materials appear in many guises, but most fall into one of the following groups.

Mineral Wools Mineral wools, including slag and rock wools, are non organic pieces of mineral fibre held together using organic clips. Mineral wools are also able to be working high heat and show good fire resistance.

They are used on all types of pipe work, normally industrial pipe work that requires the pipe insulation to be super safe.

Glass wool Glass wool is also a great high temperature insulation material, same as mineral wool, where non organic piecess of glass fibre are put together using binds.

Same as other forms of wool, glass wool can be used for thermal and acoustic projects.

Flexible Elastomeric Foams

Flexible elastomeric foams show such a huge way for allowing the flow of water vapour that they don’t require additional water-vapour protectors. Such high water vapour resistance, paired with the surface emissivity of rubber, lets twisty elastomeric foams to stop condensation forming on the surface with a small amount of insulation depth.

This means, flexible elastomeric foams are commonly used on fridges and air-conditioning pipe work. They can also used on heating systems and boliers

Polyethylene Polyethylene is a movable plastic foamed insulation that is commonly used to stop the freezing of most home water pipes piping water into the house and to prevent heat escaping from heating system.

Cellular Glass

Completely made of Glass, commonly from sands.

Aerogel Silica Aerogel insulation has the leastt ability to conduct heat of any of the insulations available. At present no company currently makes Aerogel pipe parts, it is normal to wind the Aerogel blanket over and under pipework, thus giving it the ability to work efficiently.

Aerogel pipe insulation usage is at the moment very limited.

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