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Pipe Insulation Thicknesses

Posted March 14, 2019

Paroc Ltd updates its BS 5422 Guide to Thicknesses

Paroc have recently updated their guide to insulation thicknesses for pipework, BS5422:2009 was first issued in 2009 and has periodically been updated and the latest version shows some changes to the thicknesses of the insulation, and this has been done to show more of the practical limits of the applications.

On page 3 of the guide there is a very useful table showing the surface emissivity of various materials, and this information is an important factor when doing heat transfer calculations, so it is definitely something to keep to hand for future calculations.

Please click on the following link to take you to their website where you can download this handy guide.

When you click on the link above you will also see that Paroc offer their online "Calculus" programme that will help in calculating the correct thickness of insulation required for different applications, this is an easy to use calculator that allows you to input the different variants from a site i.e. the service running through the pipe, the material that the pipe is made of, the ambient temperature etc, and once you input the information Calculus will then calculate the correct thickness of insulation to apply. You can also access this programme from the above link too.



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