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Pipe Insulation

Posted October 29, 2015

Pipe insulation refers to thermal or acoustic insulation that's used on pipework. Pipe insulation has many beneficial factors, including preventing condensation, reducing heat loss, saving energy and reducing noise coming from the pipes.

It's important to prevent condensation from taking place on pipework as this can lead to corrosion and ultimately the damaging of pipework. Through insulation, you're preventing condensation from taking place and therefore improving the longevity of your pipework.

Water in the pipework has the potential to freeze, expand and cause a failure within the pipe system. There is the possibility of this occurring if pipes are in cold or unheated areas, such as outside.

By insulating your pipes, you can minimise the possibility of pipe failure by slowing down the freezing process. If your pipes are insulated well, they are less likely to be affected by cold temperatures which can lead to freezing. If pipes are located outside or within areas of low temperature, pipe insulation is highly recommended as it's more expensive to repair pipes than to protect them in the first place.

Pipes are also subject to heat loss, as often their locale differs in temperature from the temperature of the pipes themselves. Thermal pipe insulation reduces this heat flow as it creates a resistance, therefore saving energy.

The thickness of the pipe insulation is a consideration, with factors including temperature difference being a factor is determining this. Please speak to a member of the Sisinsulation team, who will be happy to advise on this. .

Insulation can also prevent overheating on pipework and the thickness of insulation can vary to allow for planned heat loss. In a building that's insulated well for example, no pipe insulation may be required, whereas pipe work may be necessary on other pipes to prevent overheating. Benefits can include a saving in energy, which essentially equates to a saving in monetary terms

Aside from the thermal benefits, pipes can be noisy and insulation can reduce the level of noise you can hear by acting as a buffer. Pipes are often successful in carrying noise through a building and insulation can minimise the amount of noise escaping, acting as a sound barrier.

Our products
Sisinsulation stock brand leading pipe insulation products, including a full range of Paroc H&V rock fibre pipe insulation. The Paroc brand is world renowned for its high quality, whilst being competitive in price.

For mineral wool (glass) pipe insulation, Sisinsulation stocks a wide range of Isover H&V pipe insulation; a brand leading product that is well established and respected within the HVAC insulation industry, and a range of Sager glass insulation products, which are high in quality.

For phenolic pipe insulation, Sisinsulation stocks an extensive range of pipe sizes and thicknesses of Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation; a highly thermal efficient product that is fabricated in the UK and backed up with years of technical experience. It is primarily used for insulating chilled, cold, hot and heating pipe work.

Sisinsulation also stocks Armaflex nitrile rubber pipe and sheet insulation; the industry’s best known nitrile rubber pipe insulation, produced since 1954. It's versatility means it can be utilised for refrigeration and chilled water services, heating and plumbing services and ventilation and air conditioning services.

To discuss the use of pipe insulation on your property, please get in touch with a member of the team, who can professionally advise you on your needs.

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