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Safeblade Insulation Knife – NOW IN STOCK!!

Posted December 7, 2018

The Safeblade Insulation Knife System has been developed specifically for the insulation industry, and provides both a safe and efficient method of cutting insulation whilst also offering a safe solution to storing the knife whilst it is not being used, as it can be stored in the purpose built holster. The Safeblade system eliminates the need to use domestic kitchen knives and as the knife has a purpose built holster the blade is stored securely and safely rather than the traditional method of simply being tucked into a belt or stored in a back pocket of the operatives trousers.

Safeblade knives have a non-slip grip with forward finger protection for safe use, they also have a rounded end to prevent accidental stab injuries. The larger knife also has measurements on the blade to assist the insulation engineer when cutting insulation to size or forming bends.

The Safeblade holster has a unique locking system to ensure that the blades will not slip out of the holster and therefore eliminating the risk of injury to the engineer or an innocent bystander.

The holster is secured to a Safeblade belt, and also has the added protection of a purpose built lanyard to ensure that the knife and holster remain with the insulation engineer at all times and also prevents the tool from falling from height, as even if the belt comes undone the lanyard will provide a secondary means of keeping the Safeblade with the operative.

There are two products within the Safeblade range, Safeblade 1 kit which is supplied with a 10" knife, holster, lanyard and belt, whilst the Safeblade 2 kit comes with an additional small knife for detailed and small cuts.

Specialist Insulation Supplies now stock both of the Safeblade kits, so they are available to be delivered along with all of your technical insulation requirements.

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