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Supaphen gets an ‘A’ BREEAM Rating

Posted November 23, 2015

Supaphen Pipe Insulation manufactured by MW Insulation has just been awarded an 'A' Green Guide Rating, this has been achieved by BRE Global carrying out environmental profiling and certification on Supaphen Pipe Insulation, and has now been assigned an 'A' rating.

The combination of BRE's environmental profile certification on Supaphen Phenolic Pipe Insulation and the 'A' Green Guide rating will contribute 3 points towards a BREEAM assessment which achieves a credit to Mat 4 - Insulation (certificate details can be found on the following website

Supaphen is a high performance rigid phenolic thermal pipe insulation that is used primarily for the insulation of chilled, cold, hot and heating pipe work. It complies with the requirements of European standard BS EN 14314 thermal insulation products for building equipment  and industrial installations - factory made phenolic foam (PF) products.

Supaphen is fire & smoke safe and has been tested as a pipe section to the required standard EN13501-1.

A passivating silicate solution is impregnated into Supaphen at the foam manufacturing stage and then the inner bore of the Supaphen Pipe Section is then treated with a factory applied dust suppressing passivating bore coating solution.

Supaphen has a fire rated aluminium foil vapour barrier applied as standard, but alternative factory applied facings are also available, such as VentureClad in plain silver, black, white or silver embossed (stucco), and black foil.

Supaphen High Density pipe supports are also available to order.

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