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Duct Insulation Essex

Posted September 8, 2015

When it comes to Duct Insulation in Essex, We have been serving the industry for over 20 years from our premises on the borders of Essex. We supply the market leading products for Duct Insulation from renowned manufacturers such as Paroc, Isover, Kingspan & Sager.  We keep a wide range of Duct Insulation products in stock including Rock fibre, Glass fibre, PIR & Phenolic Foam.

Duct Insulation is an integral part of the installation of internal ductwork as the insulation will provide both thermal properties and also acoustic properties, which is essential to ensure that noise does not travel down the duct and go from one room to another. Thermal insulation is the required to restrict and control the heat loss from the duct. When the duct is carrying warm air then heat loss reduction is imperative for both financial and environmental reasons, so if you insulate the ductwork correctly it will reduce the heating of the surrounding environment and reduce the energy usage and therefore will save you money.

When the object is to prevent condensation on the duct, the fitting of insulation is essential, as if the correct thickness of insualtion is not fitted the air can easily condense on the outer surface of the ducts and once this starts to happen the water can start dripping which can cause damage to the ceilings or floor below the duct, and over time this can cause corrosion to the duct which will naturally reduce the service life span of the ductwork.

Paroc Lamella Mat is a great product for the prevention of condensation on ductwork and due to its engineered design it is suitable for both circular and retangular ducts. The lamella mat needs to be fixed securely to the duct and then all of the joins need to sealed with a high quality foil tape such as Bostik T303 or 3m Venture 1517cw.

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