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Welcome to Specialist Insulation Supplies

About Us

Specialist Insulation Supplies is an independent insulation distributor that has been trading since 1962 and is well established in the supply of leading brand products into the HVAC market, offering a full range of products for insulating pipes & ducts that is backed up with a first class service that offers our customers a prompt and efficient ”right first time” delivery service. We are dedicated to supplying quality products to the HVAC market and keep a wide range of brand leading products in stock.

Our Stock Profile

Within our stock profile, Specialist Insulation Supplies keep a wide range of Armaflex & K-Flex Pipe Insulation which extends from self-seal pipe insulation (Self-Seal Armaflex / K-Flex is a pre-slit tube that has double sided tape applied to the inner surfaces of the slit, and is very quick to install as you simply remove the backing paper and touch the two surfaces together.) to chalked tubes for the refrigeration and air conditioning market which we keep in stock in 2mtr tubes, 15m bagged coils and also boxed coils. We also keep Armaflex / K-Flex sheet in stock, which is available in flat sheet and also continuous sheet, this is commonly used to insulate ducts.

Acoustic Insulation

We also offer a range of acoustic insulation products for pipework & ductwork and keep Muftilag acoustic insulation within the stock range. Muftilag is available in sheet form and is essentially a heavy density barrier mat that is laminated to either glass or rock fibre. Muftilag is a versatile product that can be cut to size and as the product is stitched rather than glued together it is guaranteed not to de-laminate. Muftilag is also available in pre-cut sheets that have a self-adhesive lap on one edge, so that they can be easily installed on rainwater & soil pipes, this product is available with either a 3kg or a 5kg barrier mat, and also has the benefit of having pre-cut bends available to suit the rainwater & soil pipes.

Another acoustic product that we keep in stock is the Bostik W110 which is a foil faced butyl acoustic wrap that is self-adhesive and lightweight which makes the product extremely versatile and makes the task of installation considerably easier.

Pipe & Duct Insulation

SIS also stock Paroc stone wool insulation products, this range of products include Alucoat HVAC pipe insulation, Alucoat HVAC Ductslab, Alucoat HVAC Ductwrap and Icerock Ductwrap.

We also hold a large range of Rockwool Rocklap Pipe Section, and Rockwool Ductwrap & Ductslab.

Specialist Insulation Supplies are major stockists of Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation which is available in selection of finishes such as bright class O foil, Matt black foil or Vapor-Fas covered, we are also stockists of Kingspan pipe and duct insulation products.

Fire Protection Insulation

SIS have a comprehensive stock of boards / wired mats to provide fire protection for ducts, this includes Rockwool Fire Duct, Rockwool DuctRock, Isover U Protect Slabs, Isover U Protect Wired Mats, Knauf BD917 (Pyroduct), and with these we also keep a full range of ancillaries so that the products can be installed as per the manufacturers recommendations.

We have a new purpose built unit in Dunmow, Essex which allows us to offer a one-stop shop for your insulation requirements in the HVAC market, the move into the new premises is an exciting development in the growth and progression of SIS.

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